Stocklist Update 22nd July

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Stocklist Update 22nd July

Post  Mr Morelia on Fri Jul 22, 2011 2:15 pm

Neon Gecko Stock List As Of 22nd July 2011 :-

Snakes :-

35x hatchling corn snakes

2x male yearling corn snakes

12x cb normal royal pythons (2011 hatch)

1x male cb pastel royal python (2009 hatch) proven breeder

1x male cb normal royal python (2009 hatch) proven breeder

1x male cb normal burmese python (2011 hatch)

2x Sarong Green tree pythons (High yellows) (2011 hatch)

1x albino striped cali king snake (2011 hatch)

1x alterna king snake (2011 hatch)

2x Common Boas

1x Western Hognose

Lizards :-

3x Leopard geckos (2011 hatch)

Bearded dragons (2011 hatch)

1x Cb Bosc monitor (2011 hatch)

3x Cb Green anoles (males and females)

2x Flame Crested Gecko's

1x Water dragons (2011 hatch)

Various Adult Bearded Dragons

1x Year Old Female Chameleon

1x 2 Year Old Female Water Dragon

Chelonia :-

2x Red foot tortoises

1x Male Horsefield Tortoise

3x Hermanns Tortoise's (Microchipped)

3x Missippi map turtles

Invertibrates :-

3x Chile-Rose Tarantulas

2x Asian forest scorpions

2x Emperor scorpions (cb)

1x Pink Toe Tarantula

1x Juvenile Goliath birdeater (cb) female

1x Venezuelan Suntiger Tarantula

2x Indian Flower Mantids

1x Griffins Mantid

Amphibians :-

4x American tree frogs

2x Whites Tree Frogs

1x Albino Axolotls

1x Albino Cranwelli Horned Frog

1x Normal Cranwelli Horned Frog

Birds :-

2x 10 week old green cheek conures

3x 9 week old cockatiels

Coming Soon :-

12 Week Old African Grey Parrots (orders being taken now)

12 Week Old Black Headed Caiques

If you dont see what your after, give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you.
Mr Morelia

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